FREE Keynote - Sat,  Aug 11,  2 - 3:30pm
FREE Keynote: "Awaken
to the 12th Dimension &
Witness the Miracles"
with Kimberly Meredith 
What You Will Learn In
"Awaken to the 12th Dimension
& Witness the Miracles"
  • Kimberly begins the event with a channeled introduction about her Near Death Experience (NDE). She gives an in-depth channel on living in the “3rd Dimension, while accepting all of the Dimensions, and being healed in the 12th Dimension (God Consciousness).” 
  • Kimberly will channel information about consciousness, the shifting of humanity, moving into 12D and eliminating spiritual warfare. Kimberly will channel teachings from the Holy Spirit and speak about how to live in a multi-dimensional world. You will learn spiritual tools on how we can empower ourselves against spiritual warfare by grounding ourselves and embracing God consciousness.
  • Kimberly demonstrates her unique mediumship by picking out several participants that are chosen through the Holy Spirit, and the angels, with the spoken word of the angelic realm.
  • These individuals will be selected by the etheric angel language, using sound, hand gestures and sign language. Kimberly will do medical intuitive scans, laying-on of hands and/or surgical healing on several participants. You will witness miraculous healing of the 5th dimension. All participants can receive the power of the miraculous healing at the events.
  •  For more information about Kimberly's process, go to her website
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“When you see a notice of an event hosted by Angel Kimberly Meredith, realize that this is an invitation to participate in something truly extraordinary… to be in a force field/vortex of intense Divine Love and Power that will stay with you and enrich your life in an ongoing increased awareness of Divine Angel Presence. Amen. ”
–Calvin Bezemer
"Hi Kimberly, my name is Betty Shorts. My daughter & I came to your Thursday night talk on September 29. Your Angels selected me to work on & you scanned my body & discovered that I had breast cancer, among other issues. Which was correct you blinked in my left breast. You did a healing session on me. After the session I felt much lighter & a surge of energy. I released a lot of anger & rage that I had been carrying and fear. I went to my oncologist about two weeks later. They did a scan on me & some blood test. The cancer is no longer detectable in my body! I’m happy that I met you & I’m grateful for the gift. Thank you and God bless you!!!
-Betty Shorts
About Kimberly Meredith:
Kimberly Meredith
The Healing Trilogy
Kimberly Meredith is a world renowned Medical Intuitive, Surgical Hands-on Healer, Trance Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Through surgical hands-on healing, channeling and/or laying-on of hands, Kimberly Meredith has helped and healed thousands of people. She has removed tumors, restored hearing, healed cancer, corrected immobility and completely rid the body of diseases during healing events and private sessions through the Holy Spirit. Kimberly scans the entire body as a human MRI/X-ray with her hands guiding her blinking eyes. She has a unique mediumship gift and is guided to those who are chosen to receive healings at events.  These individuals are selected by Kimberly, using her unique mediumship through etheric angel language, sound, hand gestures and sign language. If Kimberly’s teeth chatter, it could mean extreme pain is felt within the body, or she will tap on her palms how many years since the person had a devastating injury or disease. From these signals, she will know that is the person the angels and her guides have selected for healing. One of Kimberly’s spirit guides is Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic of the 20th century.

Kimberly was recently invited to undergo testing with Dr. Norm C. Shealy, a neurosurgeon and founder of the president of the American Holistic Medical Association, and the proof is in the testing. The results were profound.

After 45 years of working with many spiritual healers, Dr. Shealy stated, “There’s no question the EEG changed abruptly, during our testing and to me this shows that Kimberly is among other things, almost-certainly focusing scalar energy. I don’t know anything else that could travel through a wall and that fast. Kimberly, is the most unusual and unique of all of these healers and in making a diagnosis, she is very accurate at picking up exactly where there is pathology and/or symptomatology.”

In addition to finding negative energy and disease, she can detect any traumas the body has suffered from birth to now. She also has the ability to find trapped emotional pain encapsulated in the body. The energy of God, the Holy Spirit and the Saints move throughout her eyes and hands as she combines prayers, chanting and activating light energy to heal her clients. All participants can receive the power of the miraculous healing at the events.

Kimberly often resembles a New Age “Mary Baker Eddy” and carries out her faith of Christian Science views. Recently documented blind scientific studies that Kimberly has undergone, proves that God is meeting science.

Displaying phenomenal healing abilities, in 2017 Kimberly was selected by PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility to undergo ongoing tests to further understand the inner workings of her healing abilities.

Kimberly was featured on the cover of Awareness Magazine (March 2016), The Life Connection Magazine (June 2017) and this year featured on the cover of Whole Life Times Article (Feb/March 2018) Returning to the Light: A Medical Intuitive’s Special Gift of Healing

Please visit Kimberly’s website for more information: /join and follow her on Twitter @healingtrilogy.
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